SIXTRACK is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to advance Accelerator Physics. Participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.

SIXTRACK is based at CERN. You can run it under the LHC@home application. Read more about the:

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Upgrade of the look and feel of the SixTrack website
The website has been brought up to date with a new look and feel, which is consistent the other LHC@Home projects. It maintains all the links and the functionality of the previous one. 23 Apr 2015, 12:20:31 UTC · Comment

Status Result Differences 29th March, 2015
Please have a look at my lates post to:
Number Crunching/Host messing up tons of results. Eric.
29 Mar 2015, 16:30:47 UTC · Comment

Server Intervention 10-Feb-2014
There will be a short server interruption on Tuesday 10-Feb-2014 from 14:00-15:00 CET for a hardware upgrade.

Update: The upgrade finished at 15:00 and the service is back up.
9 Feb 2015, 10:17:46 UTC · Comment

Uploads failing
Apologies; disk full problem. Cleaning up and hoping to
return to normal shortly. Thanks for all the messages. Eric.
29 Jan 2015, 16:27:52 UTC · Comment

News, December, 2014.
Well not much news really. The project is ticking over
and we have processed a tremendous amount of work in 2014.

Right now we are trying to move the project to a new CERN IT
infrastructure so there may be a few hiccups in January
(CERN is closed for two weeks, but systems are up and running).

We are still using executables from May and I still don't have
a valid MacOS executable :-( , no heartbeat so something is really
wrong. Haven't found an explication for the "no permission/cannot acceess"
problems on Windows but the overall error rate is about 1.5% which
seems to be "normal". We have also had problems with the w- WUs
which produced a lot of output, now under control. However running
with a smaller number of pairs ro reduce volume of output seems
to give problems with validation. Working on this.

A New Year, so I shall try and make a big effort to get moving forward
as we have been pretty well stuck for 9 months; after ten years I am
a bit disappointed at the lack of progress. However, as usual, we must
maintain the service as top priority.

I have also noted increased interest from the experiments in using volunteer
computing and this may impact lhcahomeclassic......

Anyway, LHC is heading steadily to restart in the Spring, and we shall
continue studying the High Luminosity upgrade. Many thanks for your
patience and understanding and continued valued support.

A Very Happy New Year. Eric.
31 Dec 2014, 11:03:50 UTC · Comment

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