SIXTRACK is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to advance Accelerator Physics. Participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.

SIXTRACK is based at CERN. You can run it under the LHC@home application. Read more about the:

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Disk Space Exceeded
I am sorry we have submitted some "bad" WUs.
They are using too much disk space.
Please delete any WUS with names like
16 Mar 2016, 6:15:12 UTC · Comment

Server daemons temporarily stopped
Due to a problem with an underlying disk server, the BOINC daemons are temporarily shut down until the disk volume is back. 27 Feb 2016, 12:36:01 UTC · Comment

Short server interruption 9-Feb.
Our LHC@home servers will be down for a short while from 8UTC 9-Feb. due to a disk server intervention. (Intervention postponed 1 week.) 2 Feb 2016, 8:27:29 UTC · Comment

BOINC Server up
The server is back, for the moment at least.
Clearing backlog of results. Eric.
7 Dec 2015, 7:55:32 UTC · Comment

Server down.
The BOINC server has been stopped temporarily because of
file system problems at CERN. Hopefully to be restarted tomorrow
Monday. Eric.
6 Dec 2015, 9:56:18 UTC · Comment

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